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Unit 9 – Critiquing Research: Ethics and Threats to Validity
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Key –
u01s1 = Study
u01a1 = Assignments N/A
u01d1 = Discussions (1) 1 Pg Response
Upload all used articles

u09d1 Author-Identified Limitations and Threats to Validity
Use one qualitative and one quantitative research article you have found on your inquiry topic and do the following:
1.    Discuss each study’s author-identified limitations and potential threats to validity or credibility as they relate to the study’s research design (internal validity) and sampling (external validity)..
2.    Describe how each author has addressed the strengths and limitations of the study.
Attach the articles to your post. Your post will not be graded unless the articles are attached.
Response Guidelines
Please respond to at least two learners on their ability to evaluate the threats to validity in the two studies reported in the research articles they analyzed.

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