8030 U7

Words: 290
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Returned notes from the instructor:

For this assignment please use a literature review paper from a peer-reviewed journal.

Original paper requirements: (The first sentence says to locate a REVIEW of literature)

Locate a review of the literature, ideally related to your inquiry topic or specialization area. It is acceptable to use a literature review that is not in your content area.

The article you select must not be a research paper. That is, the article should be one where the authors are attempting to answer one or more questions by referring to articles that have been published. The literature review you select must not include primary or secondary data collected and analyzed by the authors of the paper.

Write a 2- to 3-page summary of the article. Since this is a complex assignment, your report may be greater than 3 pages in length. You do not need to read any of the articles discussed in the literature review; you only need to report on the literature review. Use APA 6th edition style and formatting throughout your literature review.

Include the four items listed below in your report:
1.The strategy or criteria the author uses to select the works reviewed.
2.How the author organizes the presentation of the works reviewed. For example, the author may organize the presentation by time, by focus, or by methodology.
3.The level of analysis the author uses to describe the research. For example, the author may examine articles about individuals, groups, organizations, or industries.
4.The limitations, implications, and recommendations the author identifies.

Follow APA 6th edition formatting guidelines throughout the paper.

Attach the literature review article you used for this assignment. Your paper will not be graded until your instructor has a copy of the article.