Acquiring Network Forensic Evidence

As a part of a weekly networking group discussion, there have been issues raised from several of the corporate security and incident response professionals that the acquisition process for digital wireless evidence from a network is not understood fully and that training and discussion of these topics are needed, with special emphasis on acquisition and not the analysis or examination of the evidence.

Describe at least 1 device used for IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi data acquisition (DAQ) that can stream the acquired data to investigators and perform remote acquisition for use by investigators.
Use APA format in the main body of the Discussion Board post to support any technical assertions supported by references, including the actual reference in APA format.

Respond to at least 2 other students and their postings to ensure that the topics are expanded technically.

How many different actual acquisition methods did you see identified in this area for mobile forensics?
What was the most interesting technical point learned from this lesson in mobile forensics, and why?

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