Acquisition of English Articles by Arabic speakers.

This is a seminar paper that is due in 10 days. The course is " Second Language Acquisition." Since Arabic is my language, I chose "Acquisition or English Articles" as a research topic to discuss.
For your information, the Arabic language does not have indefinite articles in its system. We only have the definite article" the". That is why it is challenging for Arabic speakers to acquire the English article system. We overgeneralize the use of "the".
So in my paper, i would like to discuss this issue and to collect relevant data for my study.
The format should be: abstract, introduction, literature review, research question, methodology: subjects, methods, result and data,discussion then finally conclusion and recommendations.
As for collection data, the professor said : as for methodology, we can use others’ studies in the same fields and compare the result of the two studies together then come up with own result. So it will be more easier if you found two studies and combine them together, show the differences in results, then come up with your own view and result. Do not forget please to mention participants information: ages, english residence, exposure to English language, English proficiency. It would be great if you create a table showing their information. It is also a good idea to create a table that has the two studies u chose, then compare the results. For example: a, an,the , null article in the first row and the results of the two studies below each column. Then finally one table when u combined the two studies to show the frequency of articles acquisitions by Arabic speakers.

Feel free to ask me, Arabic is my first language.
Also, please tell the writer not to use a difficult style of writing so i can understand each point. No more than 7 sources please so i can go over them and check everything.

I asked for discount15.
Please feel free to contact me before starting to write. I will attach two articles that i found interestin. you may use them. I also attached a scanned copy of the seminar paper description by the professor.


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