Advance Databases

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You are required to provide a Powerpoint presentation which provides a critical
investigation and proposed solution for one of the following topics:
a) Integrating legacy databases on the web;
b) Data mining for large and disparate data sets;
c) Database performance issues and solutions for large scale organisations;
d) Real-time databases for manufacturing and engineering organisations;
e) Database technologies for cloud computing.
These topics are generic and you must produce a focused presentation on a current
research problem/idea in one of these general areas. This may include, for example,
applying current research ideas to a current business problem in order to propose a novel
solution, or investigating a current research problem and proposing your own novel solution
to that problem. It is imperative that you consult current research literature to find a
novel problem for one of the above general topics.
For the Powerpoint presentation, you will be expected to submit:
a) the Powerpoint slides that you have produced;
b) accompanying detailed notes for each slide (using the Notes Pages facility in
Powerpoint) which outline what you would expect to say if you were subsequently to
give the presentation.
Your presentation must include a title, introduction, critical review of up-to-date research
literature, a number of detailed slides which introduce your findings from your research, a
summary of your findings, and a final reference list – cited references must be used
throughout both the presentation slides and the presentation notes as necessary to back up
your main points and arguments. Use the Harvard referencing style throughout your
Your presentation must also include a slide which justifies the topic you have chosen against
your programme of study (i.e. why is the topic you have chosen relevant for your degree).
It is expected that your presentation should be approximately 15-20 slides.