Advantage of Solar Panel in todays life

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Please read the following instructions carefully:

1.      The length of the Major Essay Paper is 1800 – 2000 words

2.      Write a formal academic essay that includes a thesis statement and proper transitions.

3.      You must include internal citation of quotes or ideas that are not your own, and a Works Cited list at the end of your assignment.  Please see the writing guide folder in our course for more information on MLA.

4.      Your answer need to be specific.  Choose your words and examples carefully in order to support your thesis statement.

5.      Please read the statement on plagiarism in our course.

6.      Late assignments will be penalize one letter grade per day and will not be graded after one week.  There is no provision for re-writing a late assignment regardless of the grade.

7.      Wikipedia is not a valid source and it may not be used as a reference.  Please note that you will loose marks if Wikipedia is used as a reference.


This course’s main focus involves a review of news events as they unfold while at the same time strengthening your writing, research and critical thinking skills. A huge emphasis will be placed on the skill of brevity in writing. For your essay, though, you will be allowed write on a news topic in

greater length.

In no more than 1800 – 2000 words provide me with a balanced report on any controversial news issue that we have not covered to date in this course. What this means is that you have to review at least seven news articles (preferably from Canadian sources) on this issue and give me all sides of the

argument including your own.

**IMPORTANT: Before you submit your essay, inform me in advance as to which news topic you want to report on. You must tell me by Week Nine what you plan on writing about in your report so that it can be approved. Your report must be submitted into the “submissions” mailbox.

The sooner that you pick your topic, the better you will likely do. Again, Week Nine is the deadline. After that, you are on your own as to what you choose to write. In the past, students have either poorly understood the purpose of this assignment or submitted recycled essays and paid the price.

This report/essay is due on Week Twelve.  Your report must be submitted using MLA style. Please avoid general topics.

The more specific your topic, the more focused your essay will be. Do not try examining more than one issue within the topic that you choose. The more focused your essay is, the greater the likelihood that you will produce a quality paper within the word limit.

For example, on the issue of the War in Iraq, one can examine whether the U.S. was justified or not in its actions. You could look at the social costs either in America or in Iraq. You could examine who are the so called freedom fighters or terrorists in this conflict. You could analyze the

validity of the Iraqi constitution. Was this a war for oil? Was this a war for the U.S. to establish a “police station” in this region? There are numerous potential questions on this one topic alone. You simply cannot answer them in 2000 words.

This same principal applies to most other controversial topics. Make sure to select a topic that is as current as possible.