Analyze and interpret, from an investor viewpoint, the historic financial performance of the ordinary shares of Three UK publicly listed company.

Principles of Corporate Finance

This assignment will be assessed in two ways:
1) Data and information collection and Excel work, completed in LAB sessions, including marks for attendance and participation.
2) Preparation of PowerPoint (or equivalent) slides and associated notes that would form the basis of a presentation. (note: you are NOT required to do a presentation, just prepare the slides)

To analyze and interpret, from an investor viewpoint, the historic financial
performance of the ordinary shares of Three UK publicly listed company; you
need to analyze, compare and contrast three companies from the same industry sector.

 Content of PowerPoint slides and notes:
 You can assume that the audience for your presentation are experts in finance so there is no need to explain any technical language. Therefore, marks will NOT be awarded for definitions or general descriptions or for general background information about the company and its sector.
 The slides should contain relevant graphs/charts/tables of figures, together with limited key points that interpret the associated company information
 The notes pages should contain the basis for what you would say in the presentation. It should not be everything you would say since it is not meant to be a speech. The notes pages and the slide contents will be assessed.
 Time will be allocated to the assignment in workshop (LAB) sessions.
 It is recommended that you prepare notes/slides for your PowerPoint answer as you progress through the course. Avoid leaving it to the last day – assuming you want to improve your chances of gaining a good mark.
 You should choose a three PLC’s that is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and are the global ultimate owner GUO of the group as your subject.. Bear in mind that accounts for the most recent year may not be available for all 3 companies, so choose the most recent year for which all 3 sets of accounts are available.
 Three companies should be chosen from one of the following industry sectors,

 Betting
 UK Retail supermarkets
 Construction


a) Obtain data from the FAME database, and from the chosen company’s websites to assess historic financial performance, as reported in the annual accounts. Using the FAME data and the graphing tools in Excel, prepare appropriate graphs/charts/tables of data that assist in interpreting the financial performance of your chosen companies (20 marks)

b) Prepare an appraisal of performance for your chosen companies over the most recent preceding 3 years available, and compare the company’s results and financial trends.. Present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation. You CANNOT use graphs/charts taken from FAME or other secondary sources as part of your PowerPoint slides for all parts of this answer.

Your interpretation should include the following areas:
i. Profitability
ii. Gearing
iii. Growth or ‘trend’
iv. Investor ratios (60 marks)

c) Critique the weaknesses of solely using accounting data for assessing the performance of your chosen companies and discuss what other sources and non financial performance measures aid you in assessing the overall performance of your chosen companies.
[20 marks]

Total 100 marks

Word limit: Your assignment should be about 1,500 words long (no more words, but can be less) words long. Please indicate the exact word count at the end of your assignment.

Presentation: Please use Times New Roman 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing for the notes pages in the PowerPoint presentation. Include a full list of all references used, which can be omitted from the word count. Harvard referencing system is required. (An explanation and examples of Harvard referencing can be found on the module handbook

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