Article Summary and Review

Format:Approximately THREE typed pages in lengthStapled with a cover page that lists full name, course title and time, and datesubmittedDouble-spaced1 inch margins on all sides12 point typeTimes New Roman fontWorks Cited page with standard bibliographic MLA format (IF APPROPRIATE)Article Sources:Choose articles from the following approved list or get an article from anothersource approved by the instructor BEFORE beginning your review:Art News Art in America Art Papers Art ForumAmerican Art Review Aperture Modern Painters New Art ExaminerArtist’s Magazine Southwest Art American Photo JuxtapozTime (art) Newsweek (art) Smithsonian (art)Topic:Choose an article that takes a point of view on a debatable topic. Yourassignment is to summarize that author’s position on the topic and then state youropinion about the topic and about the author’s opinion. Your summary should bebetween three and five paragraphs and your opinion should be between three and fiveparagraphs. Please keep the summary and your opinion separate.Grading Rubric:10% Format 40% Summary 50% Opinion

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