articles criticue

i have three articles ( see attached files ) each one should be done speratly and  need at least two papers

This  will give you a few guidelines to follow as you critique a journal article. Critiques should provide a short critical review of each reading that highlights key contributions of the research, key weaknesses, and relationship to other existing literature. The bulk of your critique, however, should consist of your qualified opinion of the article. Read the article you are to critique once to get an overview. Then read it again, critically. At this point you may want to make some notes.
The following guidelines have been assembled to assist you:
1. The length of your paper should not exceed 3 pages double-spaced.
2. Start with a brief summary of the main points of the paper.
3. Do you agrees or disagree with the findings of the author? Support your position with examples.
4. Have any ideas been overemphasized or underemphasized? Suggest specific revisions.
5. Are the author’s statements clear? Challenge ambiguous statements. Suggest by examples how clarity can be achieved, but do not merely substitute your style for the author’s.
6. What underlying assumptions does the author have?

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