Board Meeting 4

This is a simulation group 1000 words work, and I already chosen one agenda to write into my work, the 4th agenda topic that I already chosen [Rationalisation & Cost Cutting]. This simulation is to assume the writer as a senior manager in a company, according to the recent situation of this company, to make the future direction and plan positioning. All the recent situations of this company are in the [Week Four 6 Agenda Topics PDF file]. (I already uploaded all the files in my order), please just look into all files, thanks.

To writing this paperwork, you have to explain why you choose this 6th agenda and why dont choose others. And in the 4th agenda topic also have FOUR options (e.g Option A,B,C,D), please choose the Option [C] to wiring in this paperwork, also with the option [C] you have to explain why choose the option [C], also have to explain the reason why you are not choose other three options. [I already uploaded a sample of other groups nearly finished work, you may have a look and the template are all same (file name is JUST A SAMPLE – This is other group’s work (unfinished work).doc)].

I have upload a work format document [file name: JUST A SAMPLE – This is other group’s work(unfinished work)], this is a sample to show you how to write this coursework, in this sample, just showing one agenda of my friend last years work, you may have a look part of this work to got some idea about how to writing this paperwork. Thanks so much for your help.

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