You are a Captain assigned to the Research and Development team for the Mytown Police Department. A large civil militia group has applied for and been granted a permit for a protest in the Town Center with an anticipated attendance of approximately 350 people. Your police department communications center has also received anonymous calls from protest organizations stating that they will be in attendance as well.

The Chief of Police has assigned you to research militia groups, as well as the possible protestors for these militia groups, and provide him with your findings regarding their reported behaviors and activities during these types of protests.

Identify four methods and/or theories such as experimental, applied or descriptive research; that you will utilize to gather information on militia groups as well as possible opposition groups?
Relate these four methods and/or theories to gathering information on militia groups as well as possible opposition groups?
Identify how this scientific research and subsequent findings can be utilized so that the Mytown Police Department’s response to the event is both prepared and professional?

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