Case Study, Psychology

Based on the case study, you will write an APA style, two-page summary of how the behavior analyst should proceed based on the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. For example, a summary may include information on selecting assessments and intervention strategies, respecting the dignity of the client, and working collaboratively with a team of service providers. A rubric is available for reference.

Assume you are a behavior analyst called in by the school to help the teacher address Richards challenging behaviors. Outline your first steps in approaching the case. What would you do first, next, last? What type of assessment measures would you use and why? Describe any possible setting events for Richard that would need to be assessed. How would you approach these with caregivers? Are there intervention strategies you would use or avoid in this situation based on the information provided? Explain the reasoning behind your choices. Finally, indicate any ethical issues that might arise in this situation given your role and how you would resolve them.
Instruction files

bacb_professional_and_ethical_compliance_code_for_behavior_analysts.pdf(407,40 KiB)
case_study_1_guiding_questions.doc(24,00 KiB)
case_study_1_rubric.pdf(45,20 KiB)
case_study_1.pdf(1,05 MiB)
responsibility_to_client.pdf(1,18 MiB)

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