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write a two-page self-reflection in which you describe your reason for choosing the selected works, your reason for choosing your theoretical approach, your writing process, and what you have learned about literature in general during the semester.

Assignment Question Literary Analysis Assignment The two short stories I have chosen is Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Circular Ruins.” and “The Library of Babel.” You will chose the critical approach […]

White Pearl anchuli felicia king, Why is this important today? Remember, King says that it’s a play that borders on satire–and a play full of black humour, so you may also argue how black humor aids in developing the themes, how and why. You may pick a concept from either definition to apply to your interpretation.

Assignment Question Use the play, White Pearl anchuli felicia king, 5 pages, MLA format –Review the definition of satire (and black humour) (read the definition under announcements) and argue the […]