Change paper

a paper discussing the impact of change and the professional nurses’ role in change in the healthcare environment. Analyze the change and how the process that was used to implement the change was reflective of one of the change theories.  Identify apply and describe that theory.  Discuss how the change was implemented and if it followed the theoretical protocol.  If it was not well accepted, discuss how it might have been implemented differently to be more successful.
The student will reflect on how they have dealt with change in the chosen environment and how they perceive and handle change differently as a result of the knowledge and experience they have gained in school.
Using Lewin’s Change Theory prepare a plan for change that might effectively address the issue and/or use the Theory as a reflection upon what changes you view as occurring through analysis based on Lewin’s model. APA format is required and the paper should be 4 to 6 pages not including title page and reference page.  At least 4 references should be utilized it is ok to have a mix of nursing and other fields as sources.  Papers must be edited for grammatical and spelling errors prior to submission.

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