Chapter Writing Assignment #2

Words: 358
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Students are expected to select four (4) topics. All essays must be college level essays written in Chicago style writing format. Cite all sources used, and it is acceptable to incorporate textbook information and internet sources.
Topic I:
In 1800, Thomas Jefferson was elected president. He believed in “republicanism”, limited government, religious and free press freedom, majority rule and minority protection. Once elected, Jefferson relaxed his strict interpretation and endorsed purchasing the “Louisiana Purchase” which doubles the United States size.
A.    Was Jefferson consistent with the republican principles he stated prior to his election? Why or why not?
B.    How did Jefferson view African Americans and slavery? Was he a man of contradictions?
Topic II:
David Walker, Nat Turner and other abolitionists impacted the Virginia debates greatly. These individuals caused tremendous problems for southerners who believed “they had a right to southern way of life.”
A.    Explain how the abolitionist movement frightened slavery supporters.
Topic III:
The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears relocated countless Native Americans throughout southeast United States. This immoral government action sanctioned called for the forced migration to Oklahoma.
A.    Why did the United States government demand these Native American nations move?
Topic IV:
In 1845, newspaper editor John Louis Sullivan proclaimed “it was manifest destiny to overspread the continent.” In other words, it was God’s will for the United States (white protestant Americans to inhibit North America) to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
A.    Explain why annexing Texas and all the southwest territories were important?

B.    Discuss why winning the Mexican War, 1846-1848 was a significant achievement in creating an American empire. Could the US have avoided the Mexican War? Explain your answer.
Topic VI:
What was secession and how did it impact the United States? Did the secessionists maintain control 1861-1865? If not what caused them to loose power?

Topic VII:
Reconstruction was both an achievement and failure for the United States.
A.    Why did Reconstruction fail in the South? What obstacles did white southerners place in the way of Black political participation.
B.    How was it successful? Identify all constitutional legislation that was enacted during this period, 1865-1877.