Comparing / Contrasting the Obama administration with Hitler’s Nazi administration.

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The topic is:”Comparing/contrasting Obama and his administration vs Hitler’s nazi government.” The similarities:
1)Hitler saved the German economy by pulling major companies out of recession by borrowing from the JP.Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve. Obama also saved the American giant General Motors by liquidating the market. General Motors was in deep problem and showed “negative profit” for over 3 years straight. Goldman Sachs and the US government bought 60% of GM’s shares.
2)They are both charismatic leaders. They represented the oppressed part of the politics before they got elected into power. Hitler threw off the communist party by burning their own government place. He blamed the attack on communists and got in power. Obama’s 2008 campaign crew broadcasted videos through CNBC, CBS, criticising the Bush administration.
1)Obama doesnt support war, while Hitler was in constant war.
2)Obama cooperates with international organisations, such as, the UN and obeys laws and regulations. But Hitler didn’t work with the League of Nations.(Obama likes jews, Hitler doesn’t)