Cultural Interview

Cultural Interview/ Assignment Part Ia. Using one of the cultural assessment tools, conduct an extended interview (30-45 minutes) with someone from a different ethnic group from yours. Examples of models and theories are: Purnell and Paulanka Domains of Culture, Andrews and Boyle Transcultural Nursing Assessment Guide, Leininger\’s Sunrise Model, and/or Giger and Davidhizar\’s Transcultural Assessment Model.You may choose to use a combination of the above listed models or follow one model entirely. The questions you ask should be open-ended so you can ensure you have enough information to write the paper.b. Write a 6 – 8 page paper using APA format. The paper should include the following:(Hint: Use each of these as headings in your paper. You can word the criteria as you wish but it should be similar to what’s below. Refer to your APA text for proper set up of headings. As a scholarly paper, I also expect that attention will be paid to the red and blue underlined words. If it’s red, add the word to the dictionary if you are certain it is spelled correctly. If it’s blue, right click to ignore the issue if you are certain it is correct.• Introduction• Cultural assessment using one of the assessment tools• Discussion on client’s view toward health and illness• Client’s current health status• Client’s use of traditional therapies or practitioners• Summary – critical reflection on what you gained from the interview (This should be a paragraph about your significant findings. A summary should be the final thought your reader is left with so what do you want the reader to remember?)• At least 5 current (no publications older than 6 years) scholarly references are to be included (scholarly publications are found in Journals, no WebMD or Internet sources. It must be a credible source.)

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