current microeconomics & macroeconomic event

Select any current MICROECONOMIC event and from the basis of our course content (and including some historical or analytical perspectives from the Heilbroner book as well):

1) In the first paragraph draw the main conclusion or lesson that you derive from this topic; and
2) In each succeeding paragraph identify a separate principle / theory that applies to your event and explain the underlying economic analysis and how it is important and related back to our class.
3) Write a second essay which follows the same guidelines, except with a current MACROECONOMIC event this time.

Length: about 10 pages total;, double-spaced. NO other outside sources necessary / references need not be listed…

Grading Criteria:
25%: Following Guidelines / Organization for the essays;
25%: Breadth and variety of coverage;
25%: Depth of analysis; and
25%: Quality of writing /presentation of ideas.

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