delegation in nursing

research the literature related to Delegation. use the state nursing practice act (ILL) or information On Delegation from the state nurses association or ANA as reference. student will discuss how the article they had  read relates to the behavior seen in practice and, if what they see  is consistent with the literature, help them explore why this might be so. students should consider the various points they make from wiewpoints, for example, the patient, the nurse, and the manager.  the article should address a nursing concern related to client care. 1 page complete the following information and complete a summary addressing the article in terms of questions posed. need copy of article.
question 1) describe the patient group in the study. 2) the focus of the study 3) who providing care.  4) what were the findings. 5) complete the question: What I wonder is…? explain.  Need 3 References!

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