Describe an issue of contemporary relevance to the US health care system.

Guidelines for Writing the Research Paper for HTLH207

The focus of your term paper will be an issue of contemporary relevance to the US health care system. You are free to select any topic related to the healthcare system. This is NOT a paper about a disease or how to improve your health.

All papers must include at a minimum four different references from peer reviewed journals or books. The number of references will need to be adequate to cover your topic thoroughly for a five page paper. Internet sources that include information other than web-available journals are NOT acceptable for this assignment as part of the four sources. Textbooks, brochures, or interviews also are not acceptable as part of the minimum number of sources required. Such sources may be used but only as supplements to the four acceptable sources required for this assignment. Points will be deducted from your earned grade for failure to provide sufficient and appropriate sources.

Your paper must also follow the guidelines of professional writing and be typed (double-spaced); using a 12-point font size and have 1 margins. Papers that do not adhere to these type/font/margin stipulations will receive points deducted from their earned grade. This paper should 5 pages of text (excluding references, figures, graphs, etc.). This means 5 full pages, not 4 0.25 pages. The paper is to be your writing, not that of someone else. Therefore limit direct quotes to no more than four sentences in this paper. Of course, if you are using someone else ideas (not just a direct quote) you must provide a citation.
You MUST use the APA reference style for references and citations in your paper. More resources about using APA style may be found at the end of this syllabus and in the Resources tab of the course Blackboard site.

I have articles that I was going to use that I can email. I have not read through them yet but we did have to turn in an article review for one article that needs to be included in the paper. I can send you additional information if you need it.

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