Description of one potential additional challenge to evaluation.

Imagine that the funder of a public health program has commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of the program. The funder eagerly awaits the results of the evaluation, only to be disappointed when the results do not seem to reflect as dramatic a change as anticipated. Evaluations do not always yield the desired results. In a case such as the one described above, as a public health professional, how might you go back to a community and tell them that a program did not work? Familiarizing yourself with the challenges of evaluation and reporting will help you mitigate such challenges in the future.

For this week’s Discussion, review the media titled Challenges to Evaluation and Reporting. Consider the evaluation and reporting challenges described by the individuals involved in Mary Open Doors, Water Missions Belize, and the Ministry of Health, and the strategies to address those challenges. Think beyond those that are mentioned by the individuals in the media. Select one of the three public health programs in the media and consider additional challenges to evaluation and reporting

Main post


Word Limit: 400-600 words – you must stay within the word limit!

References: 2 and more

Divide your text these sections – use these headings (do not modify them):

1. Description of the public health program from Belize that you selected

2. Challenge to evaluation

2.1. Description of one potential additional challenge to evaluation

2.2. Explanation why it is challenging

2.3. Explanation of one strategy for addressing the evaluation challenge

3. Challenge to reporting

3.1. Description of one potential additional challenge to reporting

3.2. Explanation why it is challenging

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