Develop an assessment of possible service needs & priorities.

Students will interview their assigned partner for at least a minimum of cumulative 10 hours throughout the semester as a practicum. The student will write a research paper based upon the interview outcomes, the care management model, and applicable research articles to support the care management process. The comprehensive information obtained over the course of the semester will be reflective in the research paper.
This APA research paper should be outlined by using the following topic headings as the guidelines for the paper. Use the following sections as sub- topic headings for the research paper.
The history & background of the older adult.
Identify problems & issues
Identify strengths & limitations
Develop an assessment of possible service needs & priorities
Develop a proposed plan and goal setting objectives
Intervention and resource linking
Evaluate and summarize the outcome of set goals
Write a 4-5 page research supported term paper, type written, and double-spaced with a minimum of 5 peer reviewed research articles to be used as references.
The course textbooks may be used as a reference source when applicable.
Write the paper in APA format Only.
All Internet based references must be copied and included with the reference page. If the Internet articles are not included with the paper, 10 points will be immediately deducted.

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