Dimensions of Stratification – The Hunger Games

You may use these two sources for all of your Sci-Fi essays this term, or you can rotate which ones you use so long as each sci-fi paper includes one book AND one movie.  Typically students stay with one book the entire term, but rotate the movies depending on what textbook chapter they are using.

(two pages in length). Are the societies presented in the books and films stratified? Give specific examples of systems of stratification, different social classes, racial / ethnic groups and gender issues. Is there any racism, sexism, prejudice of all sorts and discrimination? Are there any examples of global stratification (stratification between societies rather than within societies)? Identify patterns of race relations (genocide, assimilation…). Describe the gender roles in these societies.

You are expected to be specific. For instance, it is not enough to write that in a sci-fi story, the government is totalitarian; you are expected to provide detailed explanations to support this assessment and to give precise examples from the book. Or, of course, don’t tell me that a society seems technologically advanced. This is science fiction; of course societies are very likely to be technologically advanced. As sociologists, we are much more interested in the effects of technology on society and vice versa.

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