Discuss about Milwaukee Bucks (How to increase their ticket revenue).

This topic is about Milwaukee Bucks (How to increase their ticket revenue)
I think that increasing ticket sales as the team has one of the worst rates of ticket sales in the NBA. I think that if we look at what other teams that are doing in the league along with other sports teams that also do not have very good records but sell a fair share of tickets we will be able to gather some ideas. One idea that comes to me is something that the twins have done and with the younger target market will work with this team also and that is incorporating fun hangout sports throughout the stadium. This allows people to hang out, eat food and be part of the teams excitement.
I do not need any introduction. I just need these two part (Identification of Marketing Mix, and Evaluation Mechanisms) and conclusion.

There is explanation that guide to write this paper.
For the final project, you will work in groups to develop a comprehensive marketing/branding plan as if you were a full-time marketing team at a Division I University or professional sports team of your choice. You will choose a team (i.e. professional team like the Minnesota Wild, or particular revenue generating sport at a Division I University) and develop a plan following goals will be of primary importance:

– Increase ticket revenue

Your understanding and application of sport marketing principles and concepts are crucial in this project. You will be graded not only on the explanation, breadth, and creativity of your ideas, but also on your use of the textbook, in-class lecture material, and secondary research and information on why your ideas are going to work.

1.Identification of Marketing Mix

2.Evaluation Mechanisms

Based on the collective input of all group members, you may organize your paper in any way that makes logical and organizational sense for your topic. I recommend that your group meet regularly and decide on: (a) a general outline, (b) general & specific plans for each phase of the marketing management process, (c) roles and responsibilities. Regarding individual responsibilities, keep in mind that some of the sections above require much more work than others. If your group simply divides the sections amongst each other, there will be particular group members with much more work than others. Every member must contribute to the paper and presentation EVENLY as much as you can, so please divide tasks accordingly. On the final day of class, you will complete a confidential evaluation of group members that will contribute to each group members final grade.

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