Discuss about the US healthcare system over the course of the semester- so much so that it all might blend together and make it hard to pick out interesting tidbits or specific challenges.

You\’re getting a lot of information about the US healthcare system over the course of the semester- so much so that it all might blend together and make it hard to pick out interesting tidbits or specific challenges. I find that one of the best ways to do this is to directly compare aspects of our healthcare system to one that is completely different (which is pretty much all of them!). For this assignment, you are going to compare and contrast the US healthcare system with that of another country from the list below. This is a structured paper- that means you must address all the points below for full points. This paper must be 3-4 pages, in full APA format (see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18/ (Links to an external site.)for a template), and use a minimum of 5 references, 3 of which must be peer-reviewed articles published after 2005 (click here to see how to find these articles in the UCF Library (Links to an external site.)). Wikipedia or other types of unofficial sources may not be used. The entire paper must be written in your own words- do not plagiarize or use any direct quoting. The paper must be written in full sentences and in paragraph form (i.e. no bullets or numbered lists). Please be sure to proofread your paper for grammar and spelling before submitting- if you are not completely comfortable with your writing skills, you can set up in-person or online appointments with the UCF Writing Center for free help with formatting, outlining, proofreading, etc.Potential countries:AustraliaBrazilCanadaChinaCosta RicaDenmarkEgyptFranceGermanyIndiaIsraelJapanLebanonMexicoRussiaSaudi ArabiaSingaporeSouth AfricaSwedenVietnamThe paper will include 3 sections (please separate them using subheadings):Section 1: Compare and contrast basic health outcomes (including but not limited to measures such as infant mortality, rates of chronic and/or infectious disease, life expectancy, health insurance coverage, use of drugs/alcohol/tobacco, rates of obesity, etc.). Include at least 7 different health-related statistics in this section and address why you chose the indicators you selected (e.g. personal interest, a large disparity between the countries, parity between the countries, etc.). This site should get you started (and yes, you can use it as one of your references: World Health Organization Statistics, 2015 (Links to an external site.)).Section 2: Discuss strengths and weaknesses of BOTH systems- for example, cost, quality, access, technology, workforce, demographics, external challenges such as political situation or war, etc. Provide at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses for each country.Section 3: Compare and contrast both countries on their handling of TWO of the following issues:Substance abuse and mental healthDemographicsHealth information technologyHealthcare coverage and insuranceHealthcare workforceIndividuals with disabilitiesIndividuals living in povertyRural healthcareEnd of life optionsTip: Be sure to do some initial research BEFORE you settle on your country of choice to ensure that you can find all of the information required to complete the paper.Exceptional papers may be awarded 5 extra credit points.

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