Discuss in relation to the UN CRC rights of the child and the comment on the tensions which exist around the implementation of this convention.

You are required to research and write a Research Essay in response to one of the following questions. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate your ability to conduct research on your chosen essay question, analyze sources and material that address the issues raised by the questions, and clearly and concisely answer the essay question using these sources. It is also designed to evaluate your ability to make sound arguments in order to answer the essay question.

Question 1

Australia has been accused of breaching the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for its treatment of young asylum seekers and youths in the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. Discuss in relation to the rights of children and young people affected. Discuss in relation to the UN CRC rights of the child and the comment on the tensions which exist around the implementation of this convention.

Question 2

The 60 Minutes child-abduction case in Lebanon has resulted in significant media attention. Much has been written about the adults involved in this incident but at the centre of the kidnap attempt were two young children. Discuss the impact on the childrens autonomy and consider how the rights for children in this changing landscape of cross-cultural relationships can be affected. Where marital break down results in one parents desire to bring their children up in their country of origin how should this be viewed in a childs rights context?

Question 3

Ethiopia is experiencing what has been described as the worst drought in decades. Millions of children have been left dependant on international aid for survival. Discuss the impact of the drought on Ethiopian children and the capacity of international aid agencies to respond to the rights of these vulnerable children.

Question 4

The demise of the back yard and neighbourhoods which are no longer considered safe for children to play in the streets have impacted on childrens unstructured play and resulted in shifts in childrens play and leisure activities in western nations. Have these changes been experienced equally in all nations around the globe? Using a sociological lens discuss and compare the changing nature of childrens play around the globe.

Question 5

In our western society the influence of technology, consumption and medias images and messages is a part of our everyday lives. This is not necessarily the case for all children and Anthropological studies have enabled us to view childhoods in remote communities. Select a remote community in Australia or around the globe and consider how, or whether, childhood in the 21st century can still be lived without technology, the media or consumer goods and services.

World limit – 2700

Value – 50%

Presentation Requirements: Minimum of 12 point font

1.5 or double spacing (no single spacing)

Proof read for spelling and grammatical errors

Number all pages

Marking rubric – to come

Referencing: Citations must be provided in-text

Harvard style is preferred

A reference list is required

I\’d like to write Question 4 as a result of this question is easier to write. However, it is up to you, my writer, this is only my little recommendation. Additionally, this unit\’s name is Global childhood, so my teacher hope us can deeply analysis the issues about children. So just all contents concentrate on the child and everything will be OK. If you have any questions, pls ask me as soon as possible. My essay construction should have separate to introduction, main body and conclusion. And my grammar is not very good so you can make some mistakes in grammar part. That\’s all, thank u.

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