Discuss personal reflection, what would you have done different to facilitate the process?

At the conclusion of the clinical experience, prepare a 3 page paper, APA format, utilizing 3 references (at least one reference must be a peer review journal), that address the questions listed below. (25 hours).


Conduct an interview with a nurse (change agent) responsible for a change project at work. The project can be a completed one or, in the planning stages. Do not identify the change agent by name. Focus on the following questions.

* Identify the change project. Discuss how the need for change was identified and how the solution was contained. What was the time frame allotted for the

project to be completed? Discuss stages of change implementation.

* What obstacles has the change agent encountered? What strategies were employed to over come the obstacles/

* Based on your discussion identify a theory that guided the change process?

* Given the opportunity , what suggestions would you offer to facilitate improvement of the change process or its acceptance?


Introduction and summary of interview 35 %

Identification of obstacles encountered. Discuss with support from the literature the strategies used during the change process. 40%

Discuss personal reflection, what would you have done different to facilitate the process? 20%

Please use this textbook as one of the references:
Marquis, B.L., & Huston, C.J. (2009). Leadership roles & management functions in nursing: Theory & application (7th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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