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Start your discussion post by writing down your questions number (e.g. Q1); no need to retype each question.
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2 citation required on each discussion so total 4 references.
3 pages in total. 1 and half page answer each question. Complete question 1 then references of that question. Question 2 separately answer and then question references . please make sure to add text citation. Check grammar error. Write a good discussion.

When we go out spend $1000 to buy a TV, we don\’t spend another $1000 and a lengthy complex implementation process to make it work. Actually the only exception is business application software. Like Memorial Health budgeted $60 million for EPIC and it ran many millions over, Baptist more than $100 million for implementing Siemens\’ Soarian Sysem. Even with these high levels of spending and after lengthy implementation period, organizations still don\’t see clear business returns

Questions 1: Why are those enterprise/clinical software applications so expensive to acquire and on top of that so expansive and difficult to implement? What are the top three challenges of implementing health care IS in your organizations? What knowledge or skills do we need to have to manage those challenges.
Question 2: As healthcare organizations start to adopt Meaningful Use goals and measures, what are the top three challenges that healthcare organizations face? What are main implications of Meaningful Use to the healthcare organizations.

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