Dissemination of scientific information to the public in form of a Newspaper Article

You will choose a research article and explain the findings, underlying processes and the possible application of the work in an attractive format suitable for the public. You will enlarge your communication skills and your discipline knowledge base during this exercise.
You will write a newspaper article based on a research article of your choice on some aspect of environmental biotechnology i.e. a biological process controlling or ameliorating pollution or waste production. The newspaper article should explain to the general public the following:
The scientific principles underpinning the research
(ii) The key findings of the research.
(iii) The practical implications of the research in terms of developing a treatment technology.

The article must be attractively presented. You can use an unlimited number of diagrams, flow charts and other illustrations to help make material in your article easily accessible and understood by the general public. Some illustrations must be included in your article. These should be clear and easily understood. The diagrams, flowcharts and tables must be your own work and not direct copies from the article or any other source. Ensure that your article is logically and interestingly laid out. The maximum length of the article is 500 words and it must be word-processed. You must hand-in your chosen research article with the newspaper article. The assessment criteria are attached to this handbook (at the end) and should be read carefully before preparing the article and should be submitted with the coursework.
You will find it helpful to read material relevant to the topic of research covered by your selected article to develop your knowledge of the area and to help you write a coherent newspaper article.

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