Education Assessment and Instruction: Field Assignment

Words: 320
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

Title: Educational assessment of students, 6th edition (2011)

Author: Nitko, A.J. and Brookhart, S.M.

ISBN: 0132458632

Publisher: Pearson

Title: How Children Fail (1964, 1995)

Author: Holt, J.

ISBN: 0-20-148402-1

Publisher: DeCapo Press/Perseus Book Group

Because this is a course in assessment, you will be required to perform an assignment “in the field.” You may complete this assignment in the setting where you teach.
According to Nitko and Brookhart (2011), “Assessment for Response to Intervention (RTI) involves planning for progress monitoring, which is classroom–based assessment to assess how students are responding to classroom instruction” (p. 128). Many students, with additional assistance, can make progress without acute intervention of special education placement.
For this assignment, you will design, administer, score, and analyze the results of a new assessment tool for a related set of learning targets in your classroom, place of work, or wherever you help others to learn. Choose an assessment that will assist you in gathering more information on at least four students who are having difficulties with a certain topic or learning objective. Discuss reasons why they are having learning difficulties.
Summarize the results, making sure to include the areas where the learners are strong and in which areas are they need of further instruction and/or practice. Based upon these results, create a plan of instruction.
In your report, describe the following:
• the learning targets being assessed, (especially focusing on the four students with learning deficits),
• the assessment tool or method,
• the conditions under which the assessment was administered,
• how learners performed on the assessment,
• an analysis of why particular learners did well or poorly on this assessment, (particularly the four students with deficits),
• what kinds of further instruction the learners need on the basis of these assessment results, and
• the strengths and weaknesses of this assessment tool or method.
Summarize your findings in a report of 300-500 words. Use APA formatting for your paper, citations, and references.
Make sure your paper includes:
• An assessment you created for students with deficits in a learning target.
• A discussion of the students with the deficits.
• A description of how the students performed on the assessment.
• A description of further instruction needed.
• A discussion of the results and revisions of for the assessment.
• Scholarly insight
Refer to the rubric in Course Home for grading criteria.
This assignment is worth 200 points and meets the following course outcome:
2. Analyze Reasons for Student Failure