Engineering the Value Chain

1. Write a 2,500 word report (each section is a third of your report):
a) For the organisation you have selected, describe the “as-is” value chain using porter’s Value Chain Analysis descriptions.
b) Identify and briefly describe three different scenarios where the value chain could be optimised or shared (as a business or partner generated strategic initiative). You can use the reading material for ideas on this, or you can research options that have been actually used in these industries. This section should be no more than one third of your assignment.
c) Use Porters 5 forces to describe the benefit and risks of your three scenarios on the business you selected and on that organisation’s value chain.
2. For this assignment you will need to do background research on the Organisation, its value chain (start with their logistics and procurement) and you will need to research the value chain options, benefits and risks. Check their annual reports or industry write-ups to start you off.

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