Experimental Research Designs

Chapter 1 discusses the theories and research methods used in social psychology, including motivational theories, learning theories, cognitive theories, decision-making theories, interdependence theories, and sociocultural theories. What process is followed for the development of these and other theories?

Discuss the research methodologies used in the field, that is, correlation studies, experimental design, and field versus laboratory settings and explain the correlation between these methodologies and the theories that are studied in this course.

Next, define the various steps in research:
Form a hypothesis.
Review the literature.
Design the research methodology.
Determine the results.
Reach conclusions.
Finally, “discuss the steps” that are required to design a research study based on the following question: Are people with high self-confidence more susceptible to flattery than those with low self-confidence? In addition, please describe a real-life example from which various steps of research can be applied. The steps may include:
How did you form the hypothesis?
What literature did you review?
Why and how you chose your reasoning method?
How you determined the results?
How you reached your conclusion?
Deliverables and Format:
Submit your response in a Word document, in approximately 350 words.
Font: Arial; 12 point
Line Spacing: Double

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