Gill, Valerie

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Gill, Valerie

Primary argument

The article attempts to explore the power and role of women in modern society. As the article author observes, women play a critical role in facilitating the success of modern social and economic development.  The author attempts to contrast and compare the beliefs and convictions that exist regarding the responsibility of women in the society. Although there are some scholars who are against the act of empowering women, the adoption of strategies that will ensure women are influential in modern society is relatively vital in boosting modern social and economic growth. As the article states, the environment such as home settings is the centre for women commerce. The article also attempts to enrich the argument that home environment has a role in shaping woman freedom and success. Therefore, family members have a responsibility of ensuring that women get empowerment in order to succeed in their professional undertakings.  The creation of an environment to empower women will also be useful in improving the productivity of women in modern society.   The author of the article further attempts to examine the role of a woman at both home and workplace (Valerie 1998).

Evidence to support the thesis

The author uses both empirical evidence and personal experience in supporting his argument. In his work, the author has relied on findings from his intensive study from different social and economic settings.   Initially, the author was a prominent human right activist who fought for the rights of vulnerable people in the society.  As a result, the article’s writer has relied on his experience in producing a credible work.  The author has also relied on work from other scholars in confirming his argument on the role of women in social development. Although the author has over utilised his work, there is evidence to confirm that the author has borrowed a lot from the work of other scholars. The author has as well shared the research findings from other prominent social researchers.

Strengths of the article

The work of other scholars has strengthened the article content. To advance the dependability of the information contained in the article, the author has directly quoted the work of other prominent thinkers and scholars. In most instances, the reliance on the work from other researchers is vital in confirming the author’s views and suggestions. Furthermore, the author’s experience on gender issues is a clear confirmation that the information contained in the article is credible and reliable. The author of the article is a prominent scholar and researcher who have written various collections on the position and contribution of women in the society. The article has also relied on the empirical evidence from numerous researches and survey.

Weaknesses of the article

The article author has cited the work from only one book.  The use of one secondary data has limited the chances of comparing the ideas and opinions of different scholars. To ensure the credibility and sustainability of any work, modern scholars should undertake detailed literature review from the contribution of other intellectuals. Literature review helps the writers in understanding the existing information regarding a research question.  The article has as well failed to present the methodology used in collecting the evidence used in answering the research question. The presentation of methodology used in the collection of academic work helps in affirming the credibility and reliability of the content of a text.




Valerie G., (1998). Catharine Beecher and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Architects of Female            Power, Journal of American Culture 2 (1), 17-24.