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You have recently been appointed to the position of assistant production manager in a company that is involved in injection moulding articles that are subsequently screen and litho printed in several colours. They are then coated with a protective UV varnish.
The nature of the work is very specialised, requiring equipment that has been purchased abroad and specially modified for the purpose. The site is a modern, two-floor warehouse with offices to the front, and the production areas to the rear.
The Managing Director who set up the company retired one month before you joined, and the new management is concerned that the incidence of accidents and illness is affecting production. They also wish to achieve cost savings of at least 4% year on year that will be achieved through better use of resources and business efficiency programmes. A brief survey of the site has shown the following:
1.    One multi-colour small format press has had the stop buttons and guard interlocks disabled by the production engineer, in order to speed production and assist in ease of maintenance.
2.    A balcony on the second floor overlooks the main production areas. The edge of the balcony is guarded by a rail approximately 1 ½ metres high. Sections of this rail are removable to enable a fork lift to store pallets of material temporarily.
3.    The air conditioning frequently breaks down. The service contract has not been renewed.
4.    Both high flash point and low flash point solvents are used. Fume extraction is not effective.
5.    Inks are mixed in a small room with no opening windows and limited ventilation.
6.    The workforce is predominantly female, semi skilled. Machines are set up by the production engineer and operated on productivity/bonus systems.
7.    Workloads are high, and the company may be expanding in the future.
8.    Records of absence are available and up to date.
9.    Additional details that may be available will be given on request.
Specifically the report should include:
1.    A general description of the benefits to management of providing a safe controlled working environment for the workforce.
2.    A description of the concept of hazard and risk control and explanation of the procedures that may be introduced to develop a sound safety culture.
3.    A description of the management system that may be introduced to plan, control and monitor the working environment.
4.    An explanation of the concept of total loss control and cost/benefit analysis when applied to hazard and risk management in Health and Safety

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