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Part I-The Thesis-driven Research Report
You will conduct a historical investigation on an event, figure, or topic that relates to a work(s)  in our literature book  and record your findings in a research report.
*Your research report must follow the Modern Language Association’s guidelines for writing research reports, as this is stylistic guide used in most undergraduate humanities courses.
*The paper will have a strong  thesis statement in the introduction that introduces your topic and the point you will develop.  The following body paragraphs should support or prove your thesis and your paper should conclude with a statement discussing the broader implications of those findings. Refer to the Index of Skills section of your literature book, if additional information is needed.
*All language should be formal – NO “I,” “you,” “me,” “our,: etc.; in other words, avoid using pronouns-name the person of whom you are speaking.  Do not use contractions, slang or abbreviations. Use the literary present verb tense.  Follow the proper conventions of the English language.
*The final copy of the research paper should be typed and submitted electronically to the respective assignment’s folder on the schoolrack page for this class.  You will have announced research plan check points for the following requirements to validate your paper:
•    Topic Proposal
•    Research Guide Questions to address your topic
•    Sources
•    Notes
•    Outline
•    Rough Draft
•    Peer-revision form
•    Self-revision form
•    Final copy