Hotel or Resort Website Analysis

According to the zen of social media marketing , to be great, a website must do three things simultaneously.  It must:


  • Educate,
  • [Promote], and
  • Sell.


Also, there are five elements of a great website.  These are:


  • impeccable design,
  • structure,
  • content,
  • optimization, and
  • maintenance.


For this assignment you are asked to analyze the website of the particular hotel brand.

Present your analysis in a one-page memo format. Analyze the website by considering the following:  Anaheim Marriott hotel is my choice to analyze, this is the website address


Design:  How does the site look?  What is your first impression?


Structure:  Is the website confusing?  How is the website navigation?  Can you find the information you are looking for easily?  Can you quickly make a room reservation or find the prices?  Does the website guide you through and ask you to take action?


Content:  Content is king.  Does it educate you on the brand or property?  In what forms is the content on the website provided? (Written, audio, visual?)  Does the website reflect the positioning of the brand/hotel?  What is the position?  Is there a positioning statement?  What consumer benefits are promised?  What special features are highlighted?  What type of guests do you believe the website is intending to target?  If more than one, what are they and how are they reached?   Are visitors to the site urged to take action?


Social Media:  Please read the article “Social Media Marketing Strategies For Hotels & Travel”.  How well does the company use social media platforms?  Do the platforms provide valuable content, boost the company’s credibility, and build trust with their customers?





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