How it works

  1. Fill out order details

The Initial step is to put an order by clicking on the “Order” button that appears on every page on our site. The link directs you to our order page where you can place your order or choose to go to our order page directly. Provide all the required personal details that include your name and email address also a physical address that may include the country code.

  • Make the payment online

Now you can place your order by putting all the information that specifies how the paper is to be done from your tutor. These are as under:

  • Mention the type of paper you want such as a Personal statement, dissertation, or research paper.
  • The topic that suits your order.
  • Type of order  either premium or standard
  • Preferred spacing, since payment is made according to the number of pages.
  • Mention the currency that you are going to use.
  • Provide us with any other instructions e.g. United Kingdom format or USA.
  • Preferred length of your bibliography and your expectations on the entire paper.
  • If a discounting program happens, we will deduct your payment at the time of placing an order.
  • Check your Details before placing an order 

To ensure that your details are accurate we will allow you to go through the details you enter before you upload the order. This step is very important especially when you need to check if the money that is on your credit card is sufficient to pay for your order.

  • Writers start working on Order

Now we assign you a writer who will work on your order and you can relax while waiting for the delivery of your completed paper on your specified deadline.

  • Quality control monitoring 

Once the client has completed his form, our quality monitoring panel will analyze your order. We will review the assignment and make changes if needed such as correcting grammar, spelling, and context changing. To check the plagiarism and originality of work, our in-house plagiarism-detection tools are used.

  • Opening an account to check the status of your order

If by any chance it’s your first time working with our company we have a system that helps you open an account. This account makes it easier for you to make another order with us the next time you require our services. You will also be enabled to access all the orders you made with us and all the details therein. This account also helps you to be in constant communication when your order is being written and also be able to converse with the writer of your paper.

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