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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to understand, analyze, and broaden your view of the concept of community. This assignment will challenge you to reflect on some of the most common assumptions people make about what defines communities and how they work. We will acknowledge and derive meaning from those assumptions and respond in a meaningful way.

Description: For this project, you will be responsible for two parts:
Part One—You will choose a relatively tight-knit community that you are a committed member of and write an Ordnung for it. Consider using a club, a team, an organization, or even a household community that you’ve belonged to for some time. To begin, decide which details of daily life matter most to your community, and identify any unwritten codes that may already exist for the group.

Part Two—After you’ve drafted an Ordnung, write an analysis that answers the following questions:
o    Why did you choose to include the type of rules that you did for this community?
o    What do these rules or standards of behavior say about your community? Its purpose? Its values or principles?
o    In what ways would having a written Ordnung change the functioning of this community? How would it affect individuals within the community? Consider both positive and negative impacts.

Please note that although there are two parts, they rely heavily on each other but serve two different purposes. Part One will likely be more objective and will take a bird’s eye view of your chosen community. Part Two will be more personal and will qualify and rationalize the decisions you made in Part One. For this reason, Part One should be formal—no contractions, slang, first person, etc. whereas Part Two will allow those writing strategies.

Furthermore, placement of sources will vary and the length of each part will be at the discretion of the writer. I should clarify, however, that Part One will likely be longer than Part Two.

Physical Requirements: 4-6 double-spaced pages, works cited page, 12-point TNR or 11-point Calibri, appropriate double-spaced heading, 1” margins, title on first page, and numbered pages throughout.

Research: You will be required to use two secondary sources for this project. These sources may come out of our textbook (pages 95-192) or you may use a credible website or journal or book to support your argument. You must use each source at least once and be sure to properly cite it within your project as well as on the works cited page using MLA 7th edition. If you want to use additional sources, please see me for approval.

Evaluation Criteria
For this assignment, C papers will
•    Define the community to which the writer belongs
•    Clearly establish the codes, rules, and regulations for that community
•    Draw some interpretative conclusions
•    Discuss the relationship between individual and community
•    Integrate research sources to support conclusions, observations, and analyses
•    Be effectively organized
•    Be clearly written
•    Include a relevant title
•    Meet the physical requirements above
•    Meet or exceed the source requirements listed above
•    Be mostly free of copyediting errors

D and F papers will fall short of these minimum requirements; A and B papers will exceed them.

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