Human resource

Assignment #2
It is a business report with academic research.
It is worth 20% of your mark and is due on August 16th.
I will accept it up to the LAST day of class but NO later—August 16th.
If it is a group of one 3-5 pages typed-double spaced(with 3 outside resources at a minimum)
You will choose an organization and describe a change activity that it has recently gone through.
It can be a workforce restructuring, downsizing, merger or acquisition.
1. Highlight the business, what the organization does, where it is located, and the number of employees. It can be an organization anywhere in the world!
2. Discuss environmental influences that are affecting the business at this time and how it is affecting the business.
3. Explain the type of employees that work for this organization (i.e skills, work experiences). Remember this is your internal supply.
4. Explain who is available to you in the marketplace (your external supply).
5. Identify and discuss the change initiative and how it was managed. Why did the organization go through this change activity? What was the impact on the workforce?
You will learn about this through your research including media articles.
Use the textbook material to support your discussion (we can discuss this in class)!!!

20 marks
6 marks = correct content with proper referencing
3 marks = effective conclusion
3 marks= effective introduction
8 marks effective analysis as related to environmental factors affecting the business and the impact of the change initiative and how it was managed
(grammar/spelling must be accurate)

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