Ibogaine in the treatment of heroin addicts: How do they manage to stay clean?

THE MAIN THING IS CRITICAL APPROACH!!! I was reassured a 100 times over by your customer service representative, that you can definitely provide a critically orientated writer. I shall not accept a main stream orientated writer under no circumstances whatsoever! And it absolutely has to be a UK based, British native speaker! No US speaker modifying the spelling and what have you, no whatever else, ONLY A 100% NATIVE BRITISH WRITER! Even more so because of the critical approach.

Now, you’ve probably heard of Ibogaine, the stuff from a West-African shrub that alleviates heroin addicts’ withdrawal symptoms and attenuates cravings for months. I want to interview some people who did it, and see how they manage to stay clean, as in how they do it psychologically. What I need you to do for me is write a literature review/introduction, and possibly methodology as well. More on that later.

The literature is largely mainstream and basically crap, getting us no-where. But there’s a fresh wave of literature addressing the questions from an alternative point of view, and throwing light onto new aspects. I want to focus on this newer literature (mainly European based), and criticize the main stream literature, as far as the introduction is concerned. I have a few papers to suggest, a few to request to be included, and you’ll have to come up with the rest yourself.

About methodology: I want to do my own research, conduct my own interviews, critical interviews. I would actually be very happy if you could write up the methodology part simply from my notes, because I can’t tell you exactly what the method is called, or where to find literature about it. It’s going to be more of a mash-up of all of my impressions on how this kind of research can be done critically (the interviews and the evaluation, I mean). I was never educated in critical methods, I’m doing it on my own initiative. Can you do such a thing?

I would be conducting my interviews while you’re writing. I would do the evaluation myself, and write up the results myself as well. If I end up needing your help there as well, I will get back to you with another order. But as far as this order is concerned, I would need a title page, an outline, an abstract, the introduction, the methodology, and the bibliography.

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