Identify one positive effect of globalization and one negative effect of globalization.

1. Identify one positive effect of globalization and one negative effect of globalization. Explain each fully in your paper. How are these effects of globalization? What do these effects mean for others within our country? Outside our country? What do these effects mean for you as an individual? Or for communities that surround you? I want you to really delve into the cause and effect relationships that you are seeing by providing specific details and examples found throughout your own personal experiences and from outside sources.

2. You will find at least one outside source to support your causal argument. You will probably need to have more than one, but the minimum will be one. This can be done after completing module 6 where we will be discussing finding, evaluating, and incorporating outside sources into our writing.

Once you’ve found and evaluated at least one outside source, choose brief quotes, find ways to paraphrase supporting ideas, or summarize supporting texts to beef up the argument or main ideas you’ve already presented. Search for more outside sources if necessary.

3. Blend the quotes, paraphrases and/or summaries into the original language of your essay so that they do not sound as if they were simply dropped in from nowhere. Take the time to let your reader know what each research item is and how it supports your argument. Struggling with blending research items into your essay? Go back to the examples of causal arguments your text, watching for ways that the authors blend outside research items so that they enhance rather than distract from the text.

4. After incorporating your outside sources into your paper, you should have a 3-4 page paper plus reference page formatted according to APA Style rules.

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