Interpersonal Analysis

Interpersonal Analysis

An inter-personal relationship is a friendship involving two people, ranging from acquaintances to close relationships. In this paper, I will focus on a family based inter-personal relationship. The relationship between a mother and a child is regarded with utmost importance in every society. A mother is regarded as the first teacher of any child. In my case, the relationship between my mother and me has grown tremendously since I was a child. Our relationship is based on love and compassion. It has been a journey for both of us to achieve this fulfilling relationship. This is because we have had to learn each other’s characters, what makes one happy and what angers them. Through creating time to be with one another, we have built a strong inter-personal relationship that has stood the test of time. Respect has been our principal guideline since my first years. I respect that my mother is wiser than I am and offers the best advice that one can get. She has also learnt to respect my decisions despite any disagreements she may have. My siblings admire the relationship between us and aim to emulate this relationship and apply its concepts in all other relationships.

One of the major concepts in an inter-personal relationship is self-disclosure. This means that a person is ready to divulge personal information about himself or herself to another person. The sole purpose of doing this is to ensure that the other person knows and understands you better. For an inter-personal relationship to grow in a positive direction, self-disclosure is important. This is because you cannot be in a relationship with someone you do not know. The more you get to know a person, the more you will like or dislike that person. In addition, self-disclosure has to be two way. If only one person gives information about himself or herself, some kind of tension will be created, which is unhealthy for a relationship. Both parties need to feel free to disclose information about themselves without fear. This brings in another concept, which is trust. As the relationship gets more intimate, each person feels the need to discuss issues affecting their lives with their partner in this relationship. If the information given is relayed to someone else, one party may feel betrayed and the relationship may end. A relationship based on trust is bound to succeed but when it is broken, problems start to arise. Another key concept is constant interactions. In an inter-personal relationship, there is need for frequent and fruitful interactions. This means that time has to be created for the people in a relationship to be together and share in each other’s lives. When the meetings are far spread and lead to unhappiness, the relationship is bound for disaster. People in an inter-personal relationship of any kind have to sacrifice their own issues to attend to the needs of the other partner. These are some of the key concepts that are to be followed to create a strong inter-personal relationship.

In my relationship with my mother, we have followed these concepts to ensure that our relationship stays on the right track. First, dialogue and communication is part of our lives. In enacting the concept of self-disclosure, we ensure that we know what is going on in each other’s lives. Whenever something happens to me despite its nature, I always tell her and she always does the same. This has created a sense of understanding between us because no one is left in the dark about important information. Trust has grown between us in such a way that, we are not afraid to share personal details with one another. Am not afraid to talk to her because she always keeps my secrets private. In addition, we always create time to be together. In the modern world where everyone is busy, it is hard to create time for family but we always do. I frequently visit her and she does the same. If we cannot see each other physically, we talk on the phone and share in joy or sadness. By following these concepts of inter-personal relationships, my relationship with my mother has proved to be a healthy and enjoyable relationship. Any form of inter-personal relationship should follow these concepts to build its foundation.

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