Interview with a gay person

Your job is to synthesize what you learned and that may sometimes include reporting what was asked and what the response was, but your summary should answer the following:

What are the challenges that marginalized groups face–particularly those represented by my interviewee?

What specifics were cited as challenges? What seems to work just fine, even given minority status?

Have there been recent changes affecting the interviewee or the interviewee’s group?

Is this experience unique to the person?

How does Perspective of valuing diversity help or hurt this issue?

Discuss these items, not as a question and answer but in a coherent essay of 1-3 word-processed pages.

The rest of the text should be double spaced and discuss a synthesis of what you learned from doing the interview. Please include how long you talked to the interviewee and any unique awarenesses you had (For example:” I had to ditch my whole plan when she started talking about how easy it was for a shaman to practice in the Valley! I was planning to talk about prejudice and she talked about total acceptance”)

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