Introduction to Political Science

you have to get 2 books to write this paper you cannot right without them
-First book is introduction to Political theory and the authors are John Hoffman & Paul Graham 2nd edition
-2nd book is Princeton Reading in Political Thought and the authors are Mitchell Cohen & Nicole Fermon.
(don’t get any idea from outside those books)

Introduction to Political Science
Please summarize Mill’s understanding of liberty, Tocqueville’s view of democracy, and the social contract theories of both Hobbes and Locke. How do you think these four thinkers would address the problems of class and gender as they relate to citizenship as spelled out in Chapter 6 of the Introduction to Political Theory.

The essay should be approximately five to six pages in length, 12 font Times New Roman with one-inch margins.
The essay will be evaluated on the following components:
1. The content and conclusions of your essay should be rationally argued. That is, select only the relevant material that advances your inquiry: say everything you need to say, placing it exactly where it is needed, and do not say something which does not contribute to your exposition. Indicate what other answers to the question might be possible, give them their due, and briefly say why the answer you have chosen seems preferable. This section counts 75% of your essay’s grade.
2. Aim at syntactical elegance. Sentences must be properly, logically combined in paragraphs, which in turn must fit together to compose your essay as a whole. Generally, new topics should be given new paragraphs. This section will count 10% of your essay’s grade.
3. Spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation must be correct. This section will count 10% of your essay’s grade.
4. Give your essays an appropriate, attractive appearance. Essays must be typed, double-spaced with proper margins and fonts. Make all corrections before printing out a hard copy. This section will count 5% of your essay’s grade.
In short, your essays should aim for substantive, linguistic, and grammatical beauty.

example for the citation :  the idea (author’s name,Page number).

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