investment in starbucks

Project Information Please consider one of the topics discussed in the semester. You have to designate a title for your report that is specific and focused on the issue(s) of your interest. The emphasis will be on practices; that is, how corporations operate. For that, you have to identify at least one company and conduct a mini case study on the topic of your choice. An ideal presentation will combine theory, practice and your own observations/comments/judgments. Prepare a written “memo” to document your research findings in five (5) single-sided, double-spaced pages or less. The reference services of Harry A. Sprague Library at MSU may provide a starting point for this project. Specifically, the electronic database sources, including ABI/Inform, EBSCO and Lexis-Nexis, are readily available online for your search. Go to and look for either Quick Links at the top of the screen, then use the Select a Database dropdown menu, or click on Articles & more at the main screen and pick a database. Please note that, whenever possible, it is a good (and ethical) practice to mention your sources of information (and to give credits to those authors) in the footnote or endnote of your report. I have chosen to write about investment in Starbucks.

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