Justify in terms of the financial implications and the forecast improvement in firm’s performance.

I am looking for a small nationally based company which I can get financial data(balance sheet income statement for ratio analysis, etc.. which include a part of my assignment ) to write an assignment.
Assignment Subject is Management of Financial Resources and Performance at Master Level .
Assignment topic should be one of these

The first step is to identify a suitable strategic decision that a small to medium sized local company

either needs to justify in terms of the financial implications and the forecast improvement in firm’s performance this would provide


a decision that has been made for which financial rationale must be presented, and an appraisal of the balance between the forecast outcomes and the performance that actually resulted.
The decision chosen must be relevant to one of the following strategic options:
Investment in new technology
New market opportunity
An acquisition (product/market related or unrelated)
New product development

If you have a small company that is willing to supply me

with the data required to complete the assignment, I would like to start my order. Then I will send all detail requirement for the assignment( 3000 words)

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