Lab Report, Engineering and Construction

Abstract is a high-level summary and includes (1) objectives, (2) methods, and (3) results. The goal
is 4-6 sentences. Emphasize content: settings, ranges, numbers, units. No references, equations, etc.
Background should be shorter for CBEE 414 lab reports, with brief theoretical background, then
broaden as you move to more open-ended labs and senior projects. Look for previous work on the
subject, e.g. have others measured that mass transfer coefficient? How? What did they find? Use
footnote references liberally.
Materials and Methods provides details about what you did. It is written in past tense, a story of
what was done, not in first person, not as instructions, and not as bullets. The level of detail should
be sufficient to allow another worker to repeat your work without having you physically there.
Include equipment, manufacturer, model, equipment schematics/pictures.1
Cite provided
Results and Discussion is the section in which you present data, calculations performed, error
analysis performed, and what you observe and conclude (trends, issues, etc.). It is where you
compare experimental results with theory (or manufacturer-supplied) information. Most plots will
be in this section. If there is a design component to your lab, include it in this section.
Acknowledgements1 are included to (1) thank those that helped you setup equipment, explained
equipment, etc., but also to (2) provide a record of who helped you so that your readers might use
that information, e.g. Jill knows how to run the gas chromatograph. Be succinct.

imagine writing this for your boss not for an instructor so don\’t add too much unnecessary details

I upload the files and an example report
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