Langston Hughes African American points about life

The Topic is On Langston Hughes : : Mother to Son, Mulatto, and Good-bye, Chris and how African Americans Life has changed throughout the years.
To discuss the type of source: primary or secondary. The primary text is the short story, novel, drama, literary essay, or poem you selected as your topic. Secondary sources should do one of two things: provide literary criticism of your topic or provide contextual information. Contextual information can concern historical information about the time period, biographical information about the author, sociological information about the society in which the author lived, and information about other texts the author has written. You want to discuss which type of source and if its secondary to discuss which of the above things the text is doing.
Simply provide a short summary of the source next. I would like you to discuss what you see as the main points being discussed in the essay as well as the overall idea that you see the author of the source supporting within the source.

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