Listen to the short NPR program on how “Kung Fu Fighting” came to represent Asia.What kinds of ideas on identity and stereotype is he exploring in his work?

listen to the short NPR program on how “Kung Fu Fighting” came to represent Asia.

Watch the short PBS ART 21 programs on Do-Ho Suh, Cai Guo-Qiang and An-My L. Think about the kind of themes they are dealing with in their art. I have provided a series of questions for you to consider and use in this discussion post.

Do-Ho Suh:

What kinds of ideas on identity and stereotype is he exploring in his work? What are some of the other themes he is dealing with and how does this relate to the idea of place? How might this art connect with some of the themes we have been exploring in this course so far?

Do-Ho Suh is dealing with a sense of displacement how does he address this in his work? Is this something that is cross-culturally relatable? What do you think of Suhs work (be specific with your answer through the use of examples)?

Cai Guo-Qiang:
From early on, very early on, I understood that art is not about what you say. Its about these other

things that you dont say. Use Cais statement to discuss his work and working process.

Cai says, Maybe my work sometimes is like the poppy flower. Its very beautiful, but yet because of
circumstances it also represents a poison to society as well. Discuss Cai’s metaphor and describe the connections between violence and beauty in his work.

We have considered the purpose of monuments. Cai addresses the events of September 11th in his work. How does he address this subject? How does this connect to the way society considers or confronts aspects of violence, fear and control?

An-My L:
Discuss Ls life experiences as a political refugee, artist, and war reenactor. In what ways do these roles
promote different perspectives and how are these experiences reflected in Ls photographs?

L says, Im fascinated by the military structure, by strategy, the idea of a battle, the gear. But at the
same time, how do you resolve the impact of it? What it is meant to do is just horrible. But war can bebeautiful. How do Ls images describe both the beauty and horror of war?

All three artists are working with and against stereotypes. All three address issues of power, belonging and implications of violence.

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