Literary Analysis (Feminist Theory) writer (Silver)

Answer the first question as your thesis. Then answer at least three additional questions. In your conclusion, tell the reader what you’ve learned about the chosen theory.

4. Feminist Theory: Why did you choose this theory over other theories? (Give examples from

the text to defend your choice). What are the gender roles established in the text? What commentary is the author making about gender, sexuality and self? Are any of the female characters silenced in the text? What might that silence say about the oppression of their gender? Are any female characters mistreated? What larger point might the author be trying to make with that mistreatment? If the text is written by a man, is the female reader alienated in any way? Does the author use male-oriented language, metaphors, imagery that might make female readers left out? Are there instances of any sexist language or imagery used in the text? Are there any examples of female empowerment in the text? In terms of queering the text, do you find any homoerotic themes present? How does that affect your interpretation of the text’s meaning?


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